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We built a software system that we’d want to use. We hope you do too.

Our drive in building Wise Agent was to level the playing field and create a system so simple that anyone can use it, powerful enough to run an entire business, at a price which anyone could afford. The key to it all, for us, was to back up our amazing technology with mouth-dropping customer support, provided by real people that actually care. At its core, our CRM combines technology with people to help get and retain clients through building long-term relationships. As the real estate landscape changes, so does Wise Agent. We’ve created a seamless ecosystem of integrated tools to help you work smarter, not harder.

What's Inside

We call it contact management but really it’s all about building relationships! Our powerful Contact Manager makes it easy to store and organize all the information about the people you communicate with to turn your contacts into relationships. Our system goes beyond simple database administration. Time and date-stamped communication helps you create a detailed client story and gives your team a chance to target them at the right time with the right message. Get a lead while on the go? No problem. Sync your contacts with Google and access all of your clients’ information whenever and wherever you are.

Your business only moves as fast as you do. With the Transaction Manager, you stay connected to the people and information needed to close the sale and stay in touch. Keep up with all the critical dates, documents, tasks, information and people involved in each transaction. Create workflows and task lists for each client and share updates & documents using Fusion with everyone involved.

Organize, systematize and boost productivity with our Time Management Toolbox. Link & share appointments to clients & vendors. Set up text and email alerts to anyone on your team for each appointment in our Day Planner. Create daily, weekly or monthly to-do lists for your team and monitor their progress. Fly through your phone calls with a call list that integrates directly with your contact notes. Sync your day planner to your mobile - because time is of the essence in every transaction.

Staying in touch with your database has never been easier! With Wise Agent’s automated drip marketing, you’ll breakthrough inboxes with a stream of fresh content designed to turn a contact into a client for life. Leverage one of our hundreds of templates, customize your campaigns with your latest listings or post a listing directly to your Facebook feed. Create your own custom content or choose from a huge list of stock programs. Then set it and forget it with our simple event setup and watch the leads roll in!

A desktop is no place for important client documents. Wise Agent’s unlimited document storage gives you the freedom and flexibility to store your files alongside your client’s transactions or contact record. Access documents from your tablet, phone or computer and feel confident that your clients’ most important information is stored safely in the cloud.

Blast your brand out to the world and become the go-to expert in your market! Choose from our huge library of high-quality templated letters or html emails to easily keep your name on their mind. Quickly and painlessly create and print mailing labels or envelopes. Stay top-of-mind with a two-page monthly newsletter, pre-designed postcards and a robust library of email and print flyers.

Opinions Count

We asked a few of the experts why they recommend Wise Agent.
  • Craig Proctor

    “I have coached thousands of agents over the years and found that many do not have a CRM tool at all or have one they don't use because of the complexity. I recommend Wise Agent to our members as a CRM tool unused is the same as not having one at all. At upcoming conferences, we are planning breakout sessions to train our members on utilizing all the powerful, yet easy to use features of Wise Agent so no prospect gets left behind.”

  • Debbie De Grote
    Real Estate Coach / Consultant

    “I used many contact management systems over the years, Wise Agent by far is one of the most user friendly I have encountered. It's affordable and easy for even non tech saavy to master. I recommend to all of my coaching customers and personally use it to manage the contacts in my coaching business. We love it!”

  • Jared James
    Speaker / Coach / Author

    “I recommend Wise Agent to all of my students because I have found that it is not enough to have a CRM that can do everything you need it to do, if you can't figure out how to do it. There are a lot of options out there but if you want something that is user-friendly and affordable... there's only one clear choice... and that's Wise Agent.”

  • Gary David Hall
    Crm Consultant

    “I get feedback from agents all over the world every day and WiseAgent's support gets the highest praise out of all the CRMs on the market. I'm affiliated with over 40 of them and it's one of my top favorites.”

  • Mark Leader

    “The Wise Agent CRM is second to none. If you want to build stronger relationships, receive more referrals, be more organized, and make more money, in less time, then this technology is a must. I recommend Wise Agent to all of my Leader’s Choice students; when high tech meets high touch it creates extraordinary results.”



Blog Posts

  • Wise Agent CRM Releases Powerful New Lead Management System
    June 30, 2015

    We are very excited to announce that our awesome new Lead Management System is now live! You may now have all of your Leads automatically added to your Wise Agent CRM database from almost any source you are receiving them from.

  • New Updates
    How to Add Leads and Contacts to Wise Agent CRM
    June 16, 2015

    A large part of sales today is receiving and handling of leads. There are many ways you may come across leads, from generating them organically on your web site to paying for a service that supplies you with leads to work on. Wherever the contacts come from, the next step is usually to get them into your CRM. Wise Agent offers six different methods to add your contacts and leads to your database, with some methods being better than others.

  • GMail Conversations Now in Wise Agent CRM
    June 2, 2015

    If you use GMail, now you can view and save your email conversations right from your Contact Summary pages in Wise Agent! To get started, go to any contact’s Summary page and scroll down to the bottom. There is now a “Conversations” section – click on the button that says “Authorize GMail”.

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